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15ml Single Remedies

15ml Single Remedies

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Our single remedies are made in the Fibonnaci Homochord potency.

Great to customise your own first aid kit or re-stock a beloved kit. 

All single remedies come in 15ml liquid, with a dropper cap. 

If there is a remedy you are looking for and it is not listed on our website, please reach out as we have a vast dispensary and are happy to assist you! 

What are these remedies used for in acute situations: 

Aconite - Often used for sudden onset of fever, especially after exposure to cold wind or dry weather. Also used for acute anxiety or panic attacks.

Allium Cepa - Typically used for acute allergic rhinitis or hay fever with profuse, watery nasal discharge and burning, watery eyes.

Apis - Commonly used for acute allergic reactions with swelling, especially when accompanied by stinging pain and redness, such as insect bites or hives.

Arnica - An excellent remedy for accidents and injuries with bruising, shock and trauma, helping to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising.

Arsenicum Album - Often indicated for acute gastrointestinal issues like food poisoning or stomach flu, with symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, and restlessness.

Belladonna - Commonly used for sudden onset of high fever with hot, flushed skin and intense throbbing pain, such as in earaches or sore throat.

Bryonia - Typically used for acute inflammatory conditions with stitching or sharp pains that worsen with movement, such as pleurisy or sprains.

Calendula - Often used topically for wound healing and to prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

Chamomilla - Commonly used for acute teething pain in infants, as well as colic with irritability and restlessness.

Cocculus - Typically used for acute motion sickness or nausea, especially when accompanied by dizziness and vertigo.

Colocynthis - Often indicated for acute abdominal cramps and colic, particularly when aggravated by anger or indignation.

Gelsemium - Commonly used for acute flu-like symptoms with weakness, fatigue, heavy limbs, and trembling, often accompanied by a headache.

Hypericum - Typically used for acute nerve pain or injuries involving nerve-rich areas, such as fingers, toes, or spine.

Hepar Sulph - Often indicated for acute infections, particularly when there are symptoms of suppuration (formation of pus) and extreme sensitivity to touch or cold air.

Ignatia - Commonly used for acute emotional distress, such as grief, shock, or sudden mood swings.

Pulsatilla - Typically used for acute respiratory infections with thick, yellow-green mucus, as well as menstrual cramps with changeable moods.

Nux Vomica - Often indicated for acute digestive issues, such as indigestion, hangovers, or overindulgence in rich foods or alcohol.

Rhus Tox - Commonly used for acute muscle strains, sprains, or rheumatic pains that are worse upon initial movement but improve with continued motion.

Staphysagria - Typically used for acute emotional or physical trauma, particularly when there is suppressed anger or humiliation.

Thuja - Often indicated for acute skin conditions, such as warts or fungal infections, as well as vaccination reactions.

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