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Homeopathic Childbirth and Post Partum Kit x 6 Remedies, and Carry case

Homeopathic Childbirth and Post Partum Kit x 6 Remedies, and Carry case

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What's included:

Each kit contains 6 of the most commonly prescribed remedies to aid during Birth and the postpartum period.

 The remedies in this kit are Fibonacci Homochords combining the following potencies in one bottle: 3C, 5C, 8C, 13C,21C, 34C, 55C, 89C, 144C and 233C in liquid form, preserved in brandy and water. Add 2-3 drops to a bottle / glass jar of water as directed in the booklet.

- Each bottle contains 250 drops, over 100 doses each. 

- Made to last years!  

- Remedies include: Aconite, Arnica Montana, Caulophyllum, Pulsatilla, Phytolacca and Sepia

- Green Carry Case

- Reference booklet for easy home prescribing 

- Suitable from birth, through pregnancy and of all ages. 

- Each Kit comes with a 2 year best before date.

How to Store: 
Like all of our homeopathic remedies, store in a cool dark place out of reach of children and away from electronic devices where possible.

Before use:
If pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek individual Homeopathic or medical advice before use. We are unable to consult on whether this remedy is right for you via email. If symptoms persist, please seek medical advice from a Homeopath or medical professional. 

Upon purchasing:
- Please ensure you are watching the mini consultation, linked at the top of the home page and in the Quick Link section at the bottom of all pages. 

- Email us once you have watched the consultation, this will ensure your order is dispatched in a timely manner.

- When purchasing the Birth and Postpartum kit, email us to find an appropriate time for a quick phone call regarding the remedies in the kit. 

Some of the Child Birth and post partum ailments include; pain, swelling, bruising, irregular menstrual cycles after birth, severe cramping, spasmodic pains during or after childbirth, slow or stalled labor, irritable, anxiety, depression and fatigued. 

Made to order in Australia. We are currently shipping within 7 days from purchase date. 

Purchase your kit to assist you, or a women you love during childbirth and postpartum recovery. 

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